Getting on the Blog Wagon: A Marriot example


Blogging may not seem like a typical social media platform but creating this blog made me curious as to how businesses utilise this tool. What do they use it for? How do they use it? what do they blog about? It doesn’t seem like a typically professional avenue to promote a business, but maybe thats the point.

Marriota hotel reservation corporation has effectively used blogging as an essential part of its growth. The blog is authored by the Executive Chairman, Bill Marriot himself, and has become the ‘go-to voice’ of the company sharing insider perspective and opportunity for interaction. It acts as a vital communication channel for not only external audiences but for staff as well as the media. Sam Fiorella from also states that Marriot’s blog has had direct sales resulted from engagement with the blog.

So it seems clever corporations such as Marriot have jumped on the blog wagon successfully and are making use of the medium in a range of ways, while meeting the needs of a diverse audience. The voice of the blog represents the company and humanises Bill Marriot as a person, which consequently humanises the brand. They must be doing something right as the the blog has produced economic return!

It is a unique social media concept as it offers a professional but informal platform in which businesses can interact as well as inform their customers, staff and media. Many companies use it as an addition to their website which also drives more traffic and increases the chances of direct sales.

Doug Rice from believes businesses often make excuses for not blogging, but that most cannot afford to be missing out on the opportunities it provides. According to a recent study conducted by Hubspot, companies with a corporate blog indexed 434% more pages in search engines, 97% more inbound links from other sites, and 55% more traffic to their websites.

In addition to giving businesses a personality, blogging makes a company easier to find in this enormous virtual network. It makes sense doesn’t it? The more you blog, the more there is of you to find out there. The more someone knows about you, the more likely they are to trust you and blogging gives organisations a chance to do that!

Although blogging is not the end-all be-all of corporate social media, (and we’ll discuss other platforms in near future) it is a great basis for businesses to showcase their expertise and personality. It helps in achieving brand awareness and if it translates into sales, even better!

What companies have you found that utilise their blog well? What aspects resonate with you?


What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment!

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