Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are: Google+


Who remembers Google+‘s launch in June 2011? Yeah me neither.

The hype started long before its delayed released in September, with people hypothesising that it would knock Facebook off its pedestal as the most used social media site. Their sign ups were rather impressive with 500 million users recorded in december 2012 but keeping them engaged and active is a different story.


It was anticipated to explode into the social networking sphere and had the makings of the best possible resources. I mean come on, Google owns most of the web world! Although it didn’t take off like many thought it is not ‘dead’ as many claim it to be.

If we model Niall Cook’s 4Cs model, Google+ has all the makings of good social software. It is offering a platform for communication which Google hasn’t had before, cooperation enabling multimedia content to be shared on the network, collaboration with other users and connection with people and content. Ownership of sites such as You Tube and Google Maps makes these classifications easier to impose as they are all within the same organisation.

Llorens form Fast Company strongly believes that Google still has a few tricks up their sleeves and will deliver in due course. He says that businesses, especially smaller ones can take advantage of Google’s wide spectrum and extend their reach while utilising the various components available to a Google+ account.

I think that Google has to have more to give. I mean they are the most used search engine, they’ve got to know what we users want! – before we even know it. I think we shouldn’t write them off just yet. Especially within a business context, it takes one successful story before everyone else jumps on board and wants a taste of the action!


Will Google prevail and come out on top?


What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment!

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