Get LikedIn and link up!


If you’ve read my previous blogs you probably know that I am a recent member on LinkedIn. And well so far,so good I’d say!

Although this platform isn’t as well, ‘social’ as other social media sights and not as time draining as sights such as Facebook (my biggest procrastination tool!), it is great for businesses and professional networking, which I guess was its proposed intention…

Businesses and business people everywhere are making use of the site, and New Zealand is ranked fourth in the world for LinkedIn reach, and is the second most reached social media site after Facebook.

LinkedIn enables businesses to create pages for their companies and display their services, history and recommendations, establishing business’s credibility. 41% of businesses thought that LinkedIn was most beneficial to their business and reported it to be the most effective in providing revenue.

LinkedIn is now the most popular social media site used by corporates, and has seen an 8% rise in its use over the last year. 81% of businesses are now utilising the network and fore-fronting it over Facebook.


The benefits of LinkedIn do not stop at corporates. It is an excellent business networking site for the individual, allowing you to display your work history and receive endorsements from you peers.

LinkedIn launched Recruiter in 2008 enabling people to promote their skills, and making it easier for recruiters to find their fit and businesses to directly search for individual skills or needs. Sullivan from anticipates that LinkedIn will become the number one recruiting portal, replacing many traditional methods of recruitment and employment.

Combined benefits for businesses and for the individual makes it a very unique platform and one that I think will benefit me hugely in the coming year (argh graduation!). I better start getting some content on there to make me hireable. I hope that you will all endorse me as a social media expert! (read this blog to get my drift)


 How do you think LinkedIn is impacting businesses differently from other social media sites?

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